"Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back"

- Babe Ruth

Cole Hutchens

Former 4-year starter @ North, has been coaching for 10 years since he graduated high school. He made a conscious decision after high school to teach kids of any age the proper fundamentals of this beautiful game. Hutch has coached high school and VFW baseball in his tenure so far.


glue that holds it all together - focus on mental approach and attitude and teamwork

Coach Hutch

Adam Hildebrandt

At 5'9” , is a living example that the size of your heart and will power supersedes natural size. As a Division II baseball player he knows what it takes day in and day out to strive for your goals on/off the field. In his spare time he gathered 2 All-Conference bids and was on the All-District Legion team the summer after his senior year at 2B.


Infield/Outfield - intricacies and nuances of the game - takes his present experience as a collegiate player to coach younger children

Coach Adam

Ryan Nicolai

A 2-time All-Conference high school baseball player will work with the hitters. He has experience playing at the collegiate level making it to the Junior College World Series with his team in 2013. That being said, his insight to be able to dissect and critique in the areas of hitting, outfielding, and base running will show the campers proper technique.


Hitting/Outfield - mental approach sets him apart from the rest - he is able to read each situation and prepare the player for different situations and variables

Coach Ryan

Bram Minser

Former high school teammate and current teammate with Coach Hildebrant at Concordia University. He also received All-Conference Honorable Mention his senior year. He will be able to show the campers how to play their position with grit and be communicative with other teammates which is the backbone of any baseball team.


Infield/Base Running - fearless on and off the field - instintive and intuitive - when to make the decision and when not to to have the best outcome. - plays baseball at college still

Coach Minser

Ron Adams

Former Minnesota Golden Gopher has over 35 years experience as the at the highest level of prep baseball at the Legion level. His belief in hard work and dedication is proven in the success his players have had.


The game within the game - he is able to see things that other people cannot - teaches positioning from experience

Coach Ron

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