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Founder/Head Instructor

          I started my baseball career at 4 years old when I picked up a baseball for the first time. From that moment on, I didn’t feel complete without a baseball in my hand. Baseball was a common past time for kids my age, but for me it became much more. At a young age I found out that I was able to correlate life lessons within the game of baseball, especially patience and discipline. When life sped up, I slowed down. Baseball was a positive outlet that created an environment on the field that was free from outside emotion. Learning this as a child helped me excel at becoming a better person on and off the field. Baseball became more then just a game, It was a way of life.

          As I grew so did my passion for the game. This helped me understand what it meant to be a team player by the time I reached high school. This new understanding introduced more fundamentals, strategy, and baseball exercises. As a Pitcher/Outfielder I chose to develop my conditioning and arm strength skills. With fundamentals as my foundation, I was able to push my teammates by challenging them mentally and physically to excel at their positions. Through this experience I realized coaching and mentoring players came naturally to me. After a successful high school career, I decided to hang up my cleats and focus solely on coaching.


          My most memorable coaching experience came right after high school in my last year as an assistant coach. I worked with the players through tryouts and spent most of my time getting to know these guys as people. The head coach at the time gave me the honor of choosing the final player for the last roster spot on the team. Excited for the opportunity, I used my experiences with each player to make the best possible decision for the team. It was the most rewarding coaching moment of my entire life. This new player excelled in every facet of baseball on and off the field and proved to be one of the youngest leaders on the team. I was not only proud of the baseball player I chose, but also proud of the exceptional young man that he was becoming. He started as a player whose future was uncertain, but is now actively pursuing his baseball dream in college. I'm thankful that he and I still talk on a regular basis about his developmental process, but more so seeing the exceptional person he has become.


          This connection and brotherhood was just the beginning. I focus on teaching the fundamentals of baseball while developing players' skills. It is also important to use the real-life experiences of players to correlate them to specific aspects of the game. This allows the individual to develop a deeper respect and understanding for baseball.



Louie Varland

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Hey guys I’m Louie Varland I grew up in North Saint Paul and went to north Saint Paul high school. I am a pitcher. I currently attend and pitch for Concordia St. Paul and completed a full season in the Northwoods collegiate summer baseball league. I’m a big believer in mechanics making you the most complete pitcher. My favorite baseball player is Vladimir Guerrero.

Alex Orgen

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Hey guys, my name is Alex Ogren. I grew up in Stillwater, MN and went to Hill-Murray High School. I attended college at the University of St. Thomas where I played football and baseball. After graduating from St. Thomas I signed a professional contract with the Sioux Falls Canaries, and am currently gearing up for my second season with them. My favorite baseball player is Marcus Stroman, I love his passion for the game and his fire to compete.

Matt Kelly

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My name is Matt Kelly. I am a 2013 graduate of North High School where I was a two year starting varsity catcher, captain and all-conference. I graduated in 2017 from the University of St. Thomas with a B.A. in business administration where I played two years before beginning my coaching career. I am currently the head coach at St. Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights where I have coached for 4 years with a specialization in catching and hitting. I have coached for three different baseball clubs, including this last fall with the Take The Field 16u team. I am excited to be a part of this organization, to give back to the community I was raised in, and to play a part in the development of our young athletes.

Jake Dick

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Jake has been involved in coaching baseball since he was 15 years old, beginning with assisting his grandpa, Les Unklesbay, at the 13-year old level at East Twins Babe Ruth. At 23 years old, this marks 8 years of experience. Jake was a 2013 graduate of North High, where he was a middle infielder for the Polars. After graduation, he entered the coaching realm as a full-time assistant coach for his grandfather at East Twins while pursuing a degree in mathematics at the University of St. Thomas. Jake has recently been hired as the head coach of the St. Thomas Academy Freshman baseball team, where he will join former teammate, Matt Kelly, as part of the coaching staff. 

As a player, Jake was known for his gritty, scrappy play and enthusiast attitude, which he continues to bring with him to the baseball field as a coach. Full of energy and excitement, Jake takes pride in his ability to make the challenges of baseball as fun as possible. What makes Jake a great coach is his passion for helping others and his belief that anyone and everyone can succeed. 

Jakes favorite baseball player is Torii Hunter.
His favorite current player is Jackie Bradley Jr.

Bram Minser

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My name is Bram Minser I am Maplewood native. I went to North St. Paul high school where I played football, basketball and baseball. I then moved on to Concordia St. Paul University where I graduated in four years with a degree in exercise science.  I played baseball during my four years at Concordia. I was a relief pitcher and played some shortstop in my time at Concordia. I received all academic for three years, I also received Most Dedicated Player Award in 2017 and In 2018 won the Spirit of Kos Award. 

Adam Baker

Social Media Specialist

Adam is your social link to the field, using sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep you connected with the coaches. Have a question or comment? We want to hear it. 

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